Bauer Hockey Warranty Claims Are An Absolute Joke

Bauer Nexus 8000 Pants Broken Suspender Button

My son (age 12) has some pretty severe bruising on his hip from a broken suspender buttons. This broken button (pictured above) is acting like a knife and digging into his hips when battling along the boards or gets checked. He has had the pants for six months having purchased them from Pure Hockey in Anaheim.  I simply asked Bauer to replace them in an email and showed Bauer different models of pants that shows more padding over the hip and suspender hooks. I have also heard of other kids having similar issues with Bauer Supreme buttons snapping off. 

Bauer tells me its my son's "anatomy" or "sizing" issue and that I should sell the defective pants to someone else to recoup some of the costs.  What a frigging joke!!!  Read below. 

Bauer Nexus 8000, 9000 and N1 Pants Compared

Here was the response from Bauer below . . . 
Good Evening Jeff
Thank you for taking the time to email Bauer. We are sorry to hear that you have experienced an issue with your son’s hockey pants. Bauer's warranty on protective equipment, including hockey pants is 90 days from the purchase date and it covers against manufacturing defects only. This is the standard warranty within this industry and it does apply to all consumers the same.
The issue your son’ is having is not a common issue, we have not had any similar complaints about the button snap causing issues to the player.  The issue may be with the sizing of the pants or another factor. Regrettably, as you have indicated that the pants were purchased in September, they are now too many months outside of the warranty time period and would no longer be eligible for replacement consideration.The 90 day warranty also only offers exact product for product replacements and changes to the model or sizing is not authorized in the replacement pants. The warranty on pants purchased in September would be expired in December and the warranty would be expired by more than 4 months now. Exceptions this far past the warranty are not considered. 
Any issues or defects must be reported within the 90 day warranty time period to be considered for replacement.
I am very sorry these pants are not eligible for replacement consideration as the warranty has expired by more than 4 months now and the issue would not be considered a defect and would be more of a fit issue or anatomy issue. It is not an issue that has been brought to Bauer’s attention by any other consumers or retailers and would therefore not be a product defect.  The model be not be best suited to your son’s physical anatomy.  We would recommend trying to sell the pants to recoup some of the money spent on them and put towards a better fitting model.
Thank you Natalia | Senior Warranty Consumer Direct Representative| Bauer Hockey Ltd.| BAUER| EASTON
Moving on to my first issue with Bauer last year.   Several people had this issue on our hockey team and the retailer that sold the bags even knew about the issue.   Everyone I have spoken with has said Bauer is the worst at warranty claims.  

Here was my first experience with a faulty Bauer bag zipper issue that was known widely.  Bauer simply said to send it back to them and they would repair it.    I simply wanted to exchange the bag at the store where I purchased at Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo and they also said no.  

Bauer Zipper Problem All Over Social Media and Google Search Results

Good Afternoon Jeff
Thank you for taking the time to email Bauer. We are sorry to hear that you have experienced an issue with your bag zipperBauer's warranty on bags is 90 days from the purchase date and it covers against manufacturing defects only. This is the standard warranty within this industry and it does apply to all consumers the same.
As the bag warranty has expired, the bag is not eligible for replacement consideration.
We can offer a no-charge zipper repair/replacement. 
Please provide the following information:
Scan of receipt (mandatory requirement)Model, size and color of bagRetailers name and location
Once we receive this information we will create a repair file and have a FedEx return shipping label emailed to you. 

Natalia | Senior Warranty Consumer Direct Representative| Bauer Hockey, Inc.| BAUER| EASTON

What Did I do? 

I took it to a professional who repaired the bag for $18 instead of paying for the Fedex. Waste of time and energy to do this.  The bag zipper broke again a few months later.