Steve Ballmer is Nuts NOT Having Hockey in New Clippers Arena

Why the Clippers should also host college hockey in the new stadium.

Steve Ballmer mentions in this video that he wants energy in the building.  He wants a tighter bowl and claims that hockey interferes with that?  Has he ever been to a hockey game?  Steve says he will not be buying a hockey team and says it's easier to have a hockey team in a stadium when you own a team similar to the LA Kings at Staples Center.

Staples Center was built in 1998 and no new large-capacity hockey arenas have been built since.  Hockey has grown in popularity in Southern California with the Anaheim Ducks and LA Kings winning 3 Stanley Cups.  Kings and Ducks games regularly sell out and yet we don't have any Division I hockey teams largely because there aren't any facilities for these college hockey teams.  There is most definitely a demand for college hockey in Southern California if you ask the NCAA.  

Steve doesn't realize that hockey is growing much faster than basketball and hockey fans are fanatics.  Steve also doesn't realize that Division I hockey will soon be coming to Southern California in the next few years.  Arizona State was the first Pac-12 team to join Division I hockey and I would anticipate USC and UCLA to join Arizona State in the next few years.  

Ducks New Great Park Hockey Arena

The Duck's new practice facility in Irvine - Great Park has a seating capacity of only 2,500 people and has 4 sheets of ice.  This will likely be the spot for some future college games.  However, as USC, UCLA, and LMU hockey grow here in Southern California the region will need an arena similar to the Duck Pond and Staples Center.  

A new hockey arena in Inglewood would be an amazing compliment to NBA basketball for the Clippers.  This could be a great opportunity to look at an AHL team like the Ontario Reign or even the San Diego Gulls.

Here is a map of where the actual Division 1 NCAA teams are located.  Notice there are 3 teams in Colorado and 1 team in Arizona.  The Clipper's new arena could be a great opportunity for 2 more Pac-12 Division I hockey teams.  USC and UCLA hockey considering its close proximity to the campuses.  Staples could be home to USC and the Inglewood arena be home to UCLA. 

NCAA Division I Hockey Teams Map

Here is a map that shows you the closest NCAA Division I hockey team on the West Coast.  Arizona State must travel to the East coast for most of its games.  This doesn't make any sense considering some of the top hockey draft picks for the NHL are growing up in Southern California and even Arizona like Austin Mathews who was the #1 NHL draft pick back in 2016.   Colorado even has 3 NCAA Division I hockey teams Colorado College, Air Force Academy & Denver University.  Southern California has 0.

Closest NCAA D1 Hockey Teams Map

Here is a map of ACHA college hockey (aka Club) teams, not NCAA D1.  Notice how there are no ACHA Division 1 hockey teams on the West Coast. (red dots).  This shows you the sport is growing on the West Coast and by 2024 there will likely be a demand for more ice arenas.  

ACHA Hockey Teams (Club) Map