How To Live Stream A Hockey Game to YouTube from iPhone or iPad

Have you ever wanted to stream your child's hockey game to friends and family but don't know how?   Now you can very easily stream live games as long as you have sufficient Wifi bandwidth at the venue.  See Hockey Map

1) Buy Camera Tripod & iPad / iPhone Mount - Camera tripods can be found as cheap as $10 on Amazon as well as the iPad or iPhone mount for the tripod.  Both are small and lightweight and easy to carry in a bag or leave in the back of a car or hockey bag.


2) Create a YouTube Channel - Go to on a computer browser and register a channel similar to our Hockey Map's channel below.  Customize your channel settings which is pretty straight forward.

3) Choose an Encoding App - Download a free video encoding app from Apple Store or Android Store.  We have tested several apps and you definitely want to use an app that optimizes your stream based on available bandwidth.  Here are two apps that worked well.  SwitcherGo and Live Air Action for the iPad or iPhone.  Camera Fi Live for Android works as well. Many people have also had success just using YouTube Live which auto selects your encoding rate.  YouTube live also does not have a scoreboard feature. (We recommend YouTube Live for beginners). 


4) Sign-in to YouTube from Encoding App -  Make sure you have signed into YouTube on your streaming and sign-in to one of these services below.  Setup a new stream and it will ask you to sign-in to your YouTube account.  Very easy to do and you will be live instantly.

5) (Optional) Test Wifi Bandwidth - If you are see a quality video stream to YouTube you can skip this step. However, if you are experiencing low quality video issues you might want to test the speed of your bandwidth stream upload stream.  We recommend Speed Smart.  Some other issues can possibly be too many people using on the network as well.  We recommend 5+ Mbps minimum or greater speeds to upload. SwitcherGo allows you to record locally and upload video later if you have bandwidth issues.

6) (Optional) Customize YouTube Channel on YouTube Creator Studio -  If you want to customize further Live YouTube settings go to Creator Studio.  Here you are able to customize DVR settings for recording and latency, view analytics, add video to a channel.

5) (Optional) Edit Video - When you are finished recording your video you can then edit your video and see the analytics of views.  You can add all kinds of detail and overlays like audio, enhance the video by stabilizing and auto fix the lighting. 

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