Free NHL Picks - When to Use an NHL Handicapper

Betting on hockey can be an exhilarating hobby, and it can also be profitable if you have the right system and know what to look for. Professional handicappers specialize in analyzing data and other elements that could influence a game's outcome, so they tend to make better predictions than average bettors and help you win more money.

When betting on hockey, there are various options to consider: covering the spread, money line, puck line and goal totals. The most popular of these is betting the money line - this involves selecting which team you think will win the game. This market is easy to comprehend and offers good odds if you're confident in your guess.

The money line is the most common form of NHL betting and provides an excellent introduction to the game. However, there are other markets worth considering as well, such as puck line and over/under markets.

Puck Line

The puck line is a market that allows bettors to select teams at either -1.5 or +1.5 goals, where odds change instead of using spreads like in the NFL and NBA. This type of bet can provide greater value than money lines when betting on favorites.


The Over/Under bet market is a popular option among bettors when betting on the NHL. This market offers better value than the money line and can prove highly profitable if you're confident in your selection.

Hockey Data Is King

Before placing your free NHL picks hockey bettors should consider several important games. These include playoff rounds, key matchups and rivalries. Furthermore, checking each team's home and road records is key; this information helps determine which teams are surefire winners and which might struggle on the road.

Power Rankings

NHL power rankings provide a useful way to forecast how well teams will do during the upcoming season. They're updated after every game and provide an insightful indication of which side will prevail in their next matchup.

Fast Starts

NHL teams tend to win more than 80% of their games when they score first. This is because a team's first goal gives them the momentum needed to launch an effective offensive attack.