List of Ice Hockey Rinks Closed Due to Covid-19

List of Ice Hockey Rinks Closed Due to Coronavirus

The ice hockey and ice rink industry are on the brink of collapse. That’s what ice arena owners are telling members of the state legislatures, and anyone else who will listen.  Several rink owners believe ice arenas will begin closing, those that don’t close will be seriously considering whether they can afford to continue.

Closing an ice arena is a complicated process, it involves being de-commissioned, similar to industrial sites. Once an ice arena is decommissioned, it is highly unlikely it will ever be re-commissioned and re-open again. This means college and high school hockey programs that rely on those areas, are in danger of disappearing too.

Below is a list of hockey rinks that are closed as of September 2020.  We would like to add or crowdsource this list if you could please add any locations we might be missing from this list. 

1) Toyota Sports Performance Center - El Segundo, CA home of the LA Kings. Per LA County Health Department guidance all youth sports activities must operate outdoors. As such TSPC will not reopen until such time that indoor youth sports activities can occur. TSPC will remain open for Professional Sports Training without spectators. We appreciate your understanding, support, and patience during these very challenging times. Brad Berman, President of American Sports Entertainment Company, LLC

2)  Mount Clemens Ice Arena - Mount Clemens, Michigan